A vase in a light bulb

Paintings by Leroy Merlin
A vase in a light bulb, that's the DIY project I propose today that is so resultón as you see in the picture above.
And besides being good pimp allows us to recycle an old light bulb , so it is very cheap and gives a bohemian and creative touch to our home.
Do It Yourself Want to know how?

Convert a bulb in a vase is easy, but need a little bit of accuracy. You can see the whole process of making the blog Ready Made.
The first thing to do is choose a clear bulb , the classic, no longer works. And then put glasses think this task is not complicated, but you'll be manipulating glass-and make the whole process in a cardboard box so that the crystal is not strewn across the table. As for the necessary tools for needle-nose pliers, scissors, and a flathead screwdriver.
Once put to it, take the bulb and the needle nose pliers remove the metal tip of the cap of the bulb. You have to go gently pulling until she relents.
After you remove the black glass support. Needed delicacy because it adheres well to the bulb and thick, so it has the power to break the bulb, but with care and patience, you'll get out. You must first break, introducing the screwdriver and prying. Once broken, dragging the pieces go to the opening of the bulb, to let them out.
Once we have removed the black glass, we see the inside of the bulb and remove the wires and the filament of the same with the help of pliers.
The bulb is already empty! Now we just have to make a stand with an aluminum rod shaping up to go with the right design. And fill the bulb with water and flowers, of course.