Preparing a casual garden

The gardens more informal or those who remember the cottages every day are becoming more popular, especially since we must not be such care as in other kinds of gardens, to be monitored constantly so that your order is not interrupted, and because people simply want to look a little more relaxed in this space. Here I give some tips to get a garden like that.

First starts with something small and above all fun, especially if first you do see, because they want to have something great that does not actually know how to keep. You should also start your project with a good soil, rich and organic where your plants can become very lush without having to be putting water constantly.

When I go to start growing the plants be sure to position them carefully , because a lot of work in this garden is not planted in the right place. As you gain experience in this kind of gardens, you can take a step further, and yes, try to select flowers and plants very strong, you do not have to be aware all the time they are well and put them in all colors you can.

When you put them cover the ground with leaves and other organic elements to maintain soil moisture and prevent weeds begin to grow. In addition to these elements as they start to decompose, the soil is improving. And when you do this garden watering with a hose, so you can put in the place you want and less water evaporates.