Protective plants for the garden

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Some plants can be used to repel or fight the most common pests in our garden. By proper combination of plant when planting is possible to generate very beneficial for companies garden.
  • Basil (Ocinum basilicum): Repels insects in general. Often used as a repellent of aphids planted among the peppers and to ward off mosquitoes in the house.
  • Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium): Repels altisas, moths and carrot flies and protects white cabbage butterfly. Protects currant rust.
  • Garlic (Allium sativum): Under the fruit prevents mildew and peach leaf curl. Prevents gray rot. Next to the rose bush prevents mildew.
  • ABROTANO Artemis (Artemis abrotanum): Cultivated under the fruit thereof repels moths. In the garden repels moths and cabbage white butterfly .
  • Watercress (Nasturtium officinale): Cultivated under fruit trees or roses protects the woolly aphid.
  • Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus): Along with the free BROCCOLI keeps aphids. Along with pumpkins repels worms. Under the apple trees and rose bushes with woolly aphid repellent. Antibiotic.
  • Onion (Allium cepa): A string of onions around the garden protects the rabbits, which did not go through.
  • French Chives (Allium schoenoprasum): Help the apple against scab or mottled if growing near their roots.
  • Wild Asparagus (Aspargus acutifolius): Repels Butterfly planted under the apple codling moth.
  • Hyssop (Hyssopus officinalis) Hyssop pink and white, but especially blue, seem to repel insects. Protect the sprouts cabbage white butterfly.
  • Common flax (Linum usitatissinum): Repels potato beetle.
  • Grass Mint or good (Mentha spicata): Repels ants (avoiding aphids they move), the altisas or pulgillas and cabbage white butterfly. It also repels rodents.
  • Peppermint (Mentha piperita): Repels white cabbage butterfly.
  • Walnut (Juglans nigra, J. cinerea, J. regia): Repels flies and horseflies.
  • Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium): Repels ants.
  • Oak, oak, cork oak, holm oak (Quercus sp.): The leaves of Quercus padding repels noctuids us, larvae of weevils and slugs spread on the paths and lines within the plots.Quercus crusts, rich in tannins, have the same effect.
  • Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis): Repels carrot fly.
  • May be mutually Ruda (Ruta graveolens): Planted by the stables and houses repels flies.
  • Sage (Salvia officinalis): Repels white cabbage butterfly (fresh Sizes scattered among the cabbages have the same effect). Repels carrot fly.
  • Tansy (Chrysanthemum vulgare): Repels flies, ants and moths.

Outdoor gardens: basic ideas for your design

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For a garden remains harmonious and fulfilling its purpose of giving us a comfortable and relaxing, you need to follow some guidelines in the design small. Surfing the web and consulting specialist, find guidelines that you should consider when putting together your garden:
Give structure to your garden
When it comes to designing a garden, not referring simply to place some outdoor plants that we like, without a proper plan. Achieving good garden design involves much more, so it is necessary to create a basic structure, and based on it plan where to place both plants and the rest of the elements.
Create a focal point
Within the garden design must not forget the location of a focal point. This can be both a decorative fountain, as a set of specific garden plants you like or even a tree surrounded by bushes. Whatever you prefer, there is always good while you do it according to a design plan and a structure. It is not necessary that this central element of garden decoration is at the space center itself, but simply planning it as the main element in the design to decorate the garden.
Play with different textures
In the plant world there are a variety of textures, so I play with them! Take this great variety of plants for your garden design. This variety of textures given by the leaves, stems and foliage types, offer much originality to exterior landscaping, as well as being very diverse and beautiful.
Do not forget the colors
While plants come in all shapes and textures, which makes a great decorative element for the wide variety to choose from, is the wide variety of colors.   This makes them one of the most fun for landscapers. Create different combinations of colors, shapes and textures of plants and flowers for a unique garden. Do not forget that not only gives colors a flower garden, but also some pages with different colored pigments, as well as fruits. And there will always be garden ornaments to complement the decor.

Limestone Patio With Blue Flowers

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Cozy patio with flowers decorative. This blue limestone patio, bluestone, rustic style with a modern touch, very simple and
minimalist. The path made ​​of the same material, blue limestone, bluestone retaining wall and decorative steel giving you modern touch.

Bathroom Garden Design Bird Drinker

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If you are one in the process of preparing your garden for spring is already here, this garden design with birdbath as a touch
Decorative is very simple and colorful perfect for this season. The flowers in this garden are Rudbeckia which is similar in appearance to Daisy Yellow or orange color with brightly colored petals, which attracts butterflies in the summer. Ready to recreate this design garden with birdbath in your home?

How to have a perfect garden

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If you have a space at home for a garden however small, you're a lucky. You must see it as a quiet place to relax, feel free and even develop your creativity. Many people will tell you that you need a good gardener but perhaps actually need or initially only as a guide for a job well learn to make your own.
I was reading a little and gardening is an art because the alternatives are so many that it's actually a matter of taste, desire and work. Because yes, for this task need a lot of patience. What I would suggest is that you start to see the time you devote as a place to be yourself and to develop certain skills.

Basic tools for your garden

So let's begin by parts, the first is that you have the basic tools for yard work, even when you are just an amateur. You can visit specialty stores (hardware type) or even economic web gives you options to not end up spending a fortune. A good alternative are the deals on items for home and garden page of Groupon.
I will mention only the most important elements to start. Over time and if you really like this activity, you yourself discover other more sophisticated equipment, but at first things do not fill up because I assure you it will be left in your garage.
Pala.'s Going to use to get the land when you have dug. When you fill the holes touch at the time of transplant also be super useful. Prefers his blade is curved (not rectangular).
Rake.'ll Serve it to clear the ground and smooth surfaces that have worked.
Spade or hoe. Either depending on size, if you work in certain small areas need a hoe. It will serve to remove the soil around plants or even to eliminate weeds.
Pruning shears. These obviously will serve if you already have plants grown. You will find that there are short scissors used for isolated plants and other long used rather shrub or large tree limbs.
Hose and watering. There you can do a good watered without a hose, make sure it has the necessary length to reach all corners of your garden. For small areas or plants is better to use a watering can.
Gloves. Please do not ever work in your garden without them. The last thing is that you must allow you land fill nail and skin mistreat you. Get ones that are the size of your hands to give you comfort, you get used to them in no time.

Furniture for a dream garden

In addition to the tools, the other element that will make your garden unique certainly is the furniture that you can put. That is a must in any garden is a bank. The model depends on the style you want to achieve. Some prefer to get similar to those you'd find in any public park. Although you can look rustic or original models.
Personally I love those type swing banks because they are relaxing and if you have kids also will love. You can even put a sort of umbrella or awning.
If you have enough space also want to have furniture for your guests. In this case you have two options, you can opt for those who are style dining (if you want to eat outdoors or grilling) or if you just think room socialize.
Do not forget to always include a table to put drinks. Prefers upholstered furniture for everyone to be comfortable. Among the materials used for garden furniture is wood above all, aluminum, stainless steel (make sure it really is) and Wicker (woven synthetic fiber).

Create areas with stones

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You can also create specific areas of stones, not to put plants inside. They can give you a more clean and simple to balance maybe if on the other end you have many plants. You can mix it with cement, however, are the stones that give a much more natural.
In this case uses stones of different colors or types. Find different options on the market.
The stones can help narrow down the areas that will have your garden.

Levels with stones in your garden

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Another way to use the stones is that you create different heights in your garden. You can make a structure that is a little above and where you have a set of different flowers or plants that are down.
This medium can place stones forming a strong structure. You can create a small wall of two or three lines of stones.
If you have a sort of pond, place stones around. You will get almost poetic composition. In this case it is better that are not as ordered but leave freely.

Stones with message for your garden

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And I'm sure this is not what you thought. Your stones can this recorded with positive words: love, faith, friendship, laughter, home, etc.. I transmitted a good feeling every time you need it. You can have multiple special somewhere or desperdigarlas throughout your garden. You can also move them around whenever you cause.

Stones between plants

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If you want to avoid the grass, stones are an excellent choice, you can put between your plants. Mind you I advise you to have some colorful flowers or plants that will not look as neutral.

Spring Flowers: Rockcress

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Spring Flowers: rockcress. Want to decorate your garden with small flowers of colors full of flavor and able to completely cover a floor, or an area of pebbles ? We recommend that you opt to plant rockcress, a plant that also blooms in these spring months.

The rockcress is used to brighten rocks, hills and slopes of a small garden, even to hide weed in a soil that is difficult to access. Additionally, their flowers are edible, either raw or cooked, with a flavor similar to watercress.

A time to grow this plant in your house, know that you can buy already grown, or if you prefer you can choose the method of seed, in which case the plants will take about two weeks to germinate. grow equally well in direct sunlight in an area with partial shade, and even no problems or the time to grow on that soil which can be either sandy, like mud or clay. only need to fertilize in the transplant, and requires neither excessive or constant watering.