Outdoor gardens: basic ideas for your design

For a garden remains harmonious and fulfilling its purpose of giving us a comfortable and relaxing, you need to follow some guidelines in the design small. Surfing the web and consulting specialist, find guidelines that you should consider when putting together your garden:
Give structure to your garden
When it comes to designing a garden, not referring simply to place some outdoor plants that we like, without a proper plan. Achieving good garden design involves much more, so it is necessary to create a basic structure, and based on it plan where to place both plants and the rest of the elements.
Create a focal point
Within the garden design must not forget the location of a focal point. This can be both a decorative fountain, as a set of specific garden plants you like or even a tree surrounded by bushes. Whatever you prefer, there is always good while you do it according to a design plan and a structure. It is not necessary that this central element of garden decoration is at the space center itself, but simply planning it as the main element in the design to decorate the garden.
Play with different textures
In the plant world there are a variety of textures, so I play with them! Take this great variety of plants for your garden design. This variety of textures given by the leaves, stems and foliage types, offer much originality to exterior landscaping, as well as being very diverse and beautiful.
Do not forget the colors
While plants come in all shapes and textures, which makes a great decorative element for the wide variety to choose from, is the wide variety of colors.   This makes them one of the most fun for landscapers. Create different combinations of colors, shapes and textures of plants and flowers for a unique garden. Do not forget that not only gives colors a flower garden, but also some pages with different colored pigments, as well as fruits. And there will always be garden ornaments to complement the decor.