How to plant grass in the garden

How to plant grass in the garden. The fall is one of the best seasons to planting grass, So we can prepare the ground for a landscaping colorful and fresh, natural grass you can enjoy during all the winter.

In Garden we tell you step by step when and how to plant grass in the garden, as well as provide you with an educational video so you will not leave any doubt, you'll have a green garden all the year is possible and easy. Hands!

The first step is prepare the ground, For which you must remove the weeds and watering enough, even without flooding, after which you can plant the seeds. Note that there are several types of grass, to know what to plant grass when choosing seeds depend on the characteristics of your garden and what application you want to give your green space, if you just want to be decorative, if you will tread frequently or if it will provide plenty of shade.

After selecting the seed should be noted that the best time to plant is autumn grass because it does not suffer the extreme sun of spring and summer tend to dry it. To tilling the soil you must remove the field and apply about 30 inches plant substrate, Then remove the ground and what you level with a rake. The next step is to dig small holes where the seeds and then bring them back to cover them. Remember water the ground every day first thing in the morning or late at night, always avoiding the sun it can burn.