The best perfume flowers

The best perfume flowers. Surely there is a smell the flowers that reminds you of your childhood, Is that enjoy your flowers and plants not only keep them involves beautiful all year but also to intoxicate with your perfume described as Armenian verses poetically archaga tchobanian your mouth, red carnations, your cheeks, scented roses/thy bosom, lily, your forehead, camellia ... your tenderness

The scented flowers allow you to contact your memories and more depth of your emotions not by chance that women's perfume more requested are based on the flowers. That's why we tell you what the best flowers and perfume what time of year you enjoy them dog. It is time to explore your senses and sensibility more deep are you ready?

The neurologist Alan Hirsch, Smell Known as Dr.'ve Developer to aromatic personality profile for those who like scented flowers: Cautious, intellectual, introverted, intuitive, and they know very well to keep their secrets.

One of the flowers perfume with more gain is usually Jasmine, with an odor warm fruit l, base of one of the essences more famous the Arab world. Its flowering Occurs Between August and October, so still time to enjoy the fragrance of flowers STI, in Addition to its great decorative value, Especially on billboards and walls.

The hyacinth, with sweet and refreshing fragrance STI That will announce the spring, while in winter you enjoy the exquisite scent will of the rose daphne odora. We also recommend the intense perfume of flowers Osmathus yellow, or Lilum Azucena, the Gardenias, or the pleasant fragrances Fresia and flowers Wallflower. What about you what is the perfume of flowers more you excited?