The garbancillo of Tallante raised in Murcia

The garbancillo of Tallante raised in Murcia. This legume thought to be extinct has resurrected in Murcia after 100 years.

Its endangered leads researchers to try recover this plant, For which they need to study their characteristics and the ecosystem in which it develops. In Garden you count all the findings of this Murcia native plant.

The nitidiflorus Astragalus, known as the Tallante garbancillo is a flowering plantthe exclusive region Murcia, And the truth is that until 2003 was thought to be extinct, when an amateur botanist discovered it while enjoying a bike ride through the mountains of the area.

After the resurrection, Ministry of Agriculture of Murcia studies funded researchers to implement a plan recovery of this species. The findings show typical characteristics of this plant Murcia and its flowering cycle and phenology of flowering and fructification. We also know that is a plant perennial short life cycle (4 years at most).

The findings of the researchers argue that to restock this plant must take into account their stage more criticism, which is the seedling stage, And low reproductive success. The truth is that the importance of ecosystem is crucial for the survival of Tallante garbancillo. Do you know him?