What is a stoma?

What is a stoma? Are foliar structures as small as vital for the survival not only of plants but of all life on this planet. Anatomically speaking, we define as stomata to small pores located on the surface of the leaves.

His part more notorious and functionally more are important two cells, occlusive Responsible for regulating the opening and closing of the stoma. These cells are surrounded by companions.

The opening that occurs between these cells leading called ostiole and a diameter of opening and closing will be responsible for the exchange volume plant with the outside. What is exchanged in these processes? gas and water mainly to and from the plant.

Photosynthesis would not be possible without the presence and functionality stomata operational because it is precisely for them to get the oxygen (O2) and becomes carbon dioxide (CO2). Needless to say, are also involved in the complex process of breathing plants and also in the "sweating" of them.

The opening and closing of stomata is regulated by many factors related to the environment of this plant, with the more noticeable light, moisture and carbon dioxide concentration.