What are Bach Flowers

What are the flowers of Bach. Not all problems are solved with medicine, to cure a disease is essential to consider the physical and mental of each person, and therein the flower essences are more important than you think.

That's why we tell all the secrets about the Bach flowers and its difference with the traditional medicine.
Bach flowers are a alternative medicine discovered by the English researcher Edward Bach that, unlike traditional medicine, relates the development of a disease with psyche and soul of the person. Thus, Bach flowers are a Flower Therapy attacking the root problem, its causes, which are the feelings and negative attitudes that block vital energy, And not just the symptoms, which is critical of traditional medicine. Aims and normalize mental disorders and resolve conflicts.

This homeopathic alternative therapy, discovered more 50, is a natural medicine seeking eliminate physical pain from resolving internal conflicts, so it can be considered a harmonizing treatment psychophysical. Bach flowers are used to all type of disease and consist of 38 natural essences drawn from flowers the wild. Have you ever used those? Tell us your/