The best irrigation systems: Automatic irrigation

Specialized in parking lots there are plenty of automatic irrigation systems. It is the best solution for a group of pots on the terrace. We tell you how to install your own buying the parts separately.

The terrace must have a water with tap. In the mouth of the programmer is automatic, able to select a watering schedule based on the needs of plants. Usually accompanied by a filter and pressure reducer. (You can find them easily in any garden center)

Connect the hose, she leaves a dropper that is stuck to each pot. If it's a gardener or a large pot, need more amount of water in this case, it is essential to place two or more droppers.

If there is a pot that is not in line with the flower, dried using a dropper extension that will run to the pot. The hose or pipe ends in the last pot of the terrace, with its corresponding emitter.